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Address: 16/1 Krzhizhanovskogo, Moscow, GSP-7, 117997

Tel: +7 (495) 777 5500

Web: www.sibur.ru

Company description

SIBUR Group is Russian Federation’s leading petrochemicals company. We operate across the entire petrochemical process chain from gas processing to the production of monomers and plastics, mineral fertilizers, tyres and industrial rubber items, as well as the processing of plastics. The holding company, OJSC SIBUR Holding, has 34 plants across Russian Federation, which employs several tens of thoUnited States of Americands of people. SIBUR is managed along product-division lines – Hydrocarbon Feedstock, Synthetic Rubbers, Plastics and Organic Synthesis Products, Mineral Fertilisers and Tyres.

Products and services

SIBUR Holdings’ shareholder is Gazprombank Group. The managing company LLC SIBUR acts as the holding company’s sole executive body. Over the recent years, the company has consistently delivered healthy financial and operational results. In 2008, SIBUR Group’s plants produced 14,791 thoUnited States of Americand tons of petrochemicals and 13,306 million cu m of dry stripped gas. Income during that year was 173.5 billion roubles, with a net profit of 16 billion roubles.

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