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Sibir Energy

Address: 31 Novinsky Boolvar str. 31, Moscow 123242

Tel: +7(495) 790 78 40

Web: www.sibirenergy.com

Company description

Sibir is a growing integrated independent oil company with world-class assets located exclusively in Russian Federation. Sibir Energy plc is a fully integrated independent energy company with exploration and production operations in Western Siberia and refining and marketing in the City of Moscow and the Moscow region. Since its creation in 1996, Sibir has grown its attributable reserves to over 680 million barrels and daily production to over 80,000 barrels of oil per day making Sibir one of the largest United Kingdom-listed energy companies. In ten years of doing business in Russian Federation, Sibir’s Western management team has partnered with its largest Russian Federationn shareholder to overcome the challenges of doing business in this dynamic market and has strengthened the company at each turn.


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