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Shell in Australia


Address: PO Box 872K Melbourne Vic 3000

Tel: +61 (03) 9666 5444

Web: www.shell.com.au

Company description

Shell is a major global energy organisation which employs around 2,500 people in Australia. We have had a presence here since 1901. Our business in Australia is broadly divided into "upstream" and "downstream".

Products and services

UPSTREAM OPERATIONS The Upstream business finds, develops and supplies liquefied natural gas (LNG), condensates and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to overseas markets and natural gas to domestic customers in Western Australia. Shell's Upstream business in Australia is based in Perth and employs more than 200 staff. Australia is a growth centre for Shell globally. We are developing large gas resources and maintain a substantial exploration portfolio off the coasts of Western Australia and the Northern Territory, as well as having coal seam gas opportunities in Queensland. DOWNSTREAM OPERATIONS Shell Australia's Downstream operations consist of our refining and marketing businesses. We manufacture petroleum products, have thoUnited States of Americands of customers throughout the country and supply a quarter of Australia's petroleum requirements. The products supplied by our businesses and the jobs they generate make a significant contribution to the Australian economy. We also supply lubricants and chemicals used by Australians on a daily basis. Our reputation rests on bringing these products to market in a timely, reliable and environmentally responsible manner. Our downstream businesses consist of several diverse, but interlocking segments: manufacturing, supply, logistics, commercial, lubricants, retail, aviation, bitumen, marine and chemicals

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