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Address: Juan Racine,112 11510 Colonia Los Morales - México DF México

Tel: +52 55 539 58 055

Web: www.sener.es

Company description

Sner offers Innovative solutions in Engineering, Construction and Systems IntegrationSENER Ingenería y Sistemas S.A. is an Engineering, Construction and Systems Integration company backed by more than 50 years’ experience. Founded in Spain, today the company has more than 2,500 professionals and 13 offices located in Algiers, Argentina, the , Japan, Mexico, Poland, Portugal among other countries. SENER aims to offer its customers solutions and products that are technologically efficient and innovative Thye are commtied to Innovation, quality and independence..

Products and services

Today SENER is an international leader in:• Civil Engineering and Architecture• Aerospace Engineering• Aeronautics and Vehicles• Actuator and Control Systems• Power and Processes• Marine Engineering.

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