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Address: Ejército Nacional 350, piso 5, Col. Chapultepec Morales México DF 11570 México

Tel: +52 55 5263 3000

Web: www.slb.com/contact_us/geographical/lam/mca.aspx

Products and services

Schlumberger is the leading oilfield services provider, trusted to deliver superior results and improved E&P performance for oil and gas companies around the world. Through the company well site operations and in their research and engineering facilities, they are working to develop products, services and solutions that optimize customer performance in a safe and environmentally sound manner. In Mexico & Central America GeoMarket Region Schlumberger ran its first electric log in the Poza Rica well no. 25, marking the beginning of its operations in Mexico, in 1943. Today, Schlumberger manages its local operations from ten locations—from operational bases to head offices.

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