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Address: S.A. de C.V. Calle San Carlos No. 9 Corredor Industrial, Toluca Lerma C.P. 52004 Estado de México, México

Tel: +52 (728) 285 2001

Web: www.samson.com.mx

Company description

SAMSON is not only known for a complete product line in instrumentation and controls, but also offers the most modern integrated automation systems. The field of expertise extends through chemical plants and refineries, heating and air-conditioning technology (HVAC), power generation, pharmaceutical, and the food and beverage industry. SAMSON operates wherever there is controlled flow of vapors, gases, liquids, Chemicals.SAMSON CONTROL MEXICO was founded in October 25, 1994. The headquarters is now in Lerma, Edo. Mexico. Samson Mexico coordinates import of equipment, distribution and sale. Aside of their HQ in Edo de Mexico, they count with 3 branches in the country: one in Tampico, one in Monterrey and another one in Coatzacoalcos.SAMSON harmonious collaboration Germany with subsidiaries worldwide is the foundation of the thrust and efficiency throughout the organization.

Products and services

Almost 100 years of experience in the manufacture of products for measurement and regulation. Its scope ranges from heating and cooling technology to application in the large chemical and petrochemical industry. Quality is a hallmark in all Samson products and services

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