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Address: Blvd. del Mar 468-34 C.P.94299 Boca del Río, Ver.

Tel: +52 (229) 775-22-11

Web: saam.com.mx

Company description

SAAM is a Mexican Company created as a result of port services privatization in Mexico. The services, such as ships towing, were originally provided by the government. Since date of born, SAAM SAAM is a Mexican company that arises as a result of the privatization of the port services of Mexico, where the provision of towing services was transferred from the governmental sector to the private sector. Since their beginning, the company have a commitment of leadership in the services of ships towing at ports and offshore, with state of the art equipment, specially designed to operate in Mexican ports.SAAM operate a fleet of 20 state of the art marine tugs specially designed to operate in Mexican Ports

Products and services

Marine towing.Ships support services at inner harbor, terminals and offshore at oil platforms (PEMEX).Ship tankers mooring, also handling of tankers loading hoses.Surveillance services during loading and discharge operations of PEMEX tankers at offshore platform.Salvage and emergencies assistance. Ocean going towing. Fire combat

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