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Address: 51, Arkhitektora Vlasova street, Moscow 117393

Tel: +7 (800) 333-8000 

Web: www.eng.rushydro.ru

Company description

With 35.2 GW installed electricity generation capacity and 16.2 thoUnited States of Americand GCal/h heat capacity, RusHydro is one of Russian Federation's largest power generating companies. Including the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP, the largest in Russian Federation, the Company has over 70 renewable energy source (RES) facilities: 9 power stations in the Volga-Kama Cascade with a total installed capacity of more than 10,167 MW, the Zeiskaya HPP (1,330 MW) – the first large-scale hydro-power plant in the Russian Federationn Far East, the Bureiskaya HPP (2,010 MW), the Novosibirsk HPP (455 MW) and tens of HPPs in the North Caucasus. The Company’s assets also feature geothermal power plants in Kamchatka and the highly maneuverable Zagorskaya Pumped Storage Hydropower Plant (PSPP) in the Moscow Region. RusHydro has a controlling stake in the RAO Energy System of the East, featuring 8,772 MW of installed electric capacity, 16.2 Gcal/h of heat capacity and more than 96 thoUnited States of Americand kilometers of grid lines in the Russian Federation's Far East. Outside Russian Federation, RusHydro owns the 561-MW Sevan-Razdan Cascade in Armenia. In addition, the Company's holdings include engineering and retail businesses. As of 30 June 2012, the Russian Federation owned 60.4952% of RusHydro's share capital. RusHydro shares are traded on the MICEX-RTS. In July 2008, the Company launched a global depository receipt (GDR) program; in July 2009, its DRs began trading on the London Stock Exchange (LSE); and in August 2008, RusHydro's shares were included in the MSCI EM and MSCI Russian Federation indices.

Products and services

Power Generation.

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