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Address: 105066, Moscow ul. Olkhovskaya, 27, p.3

Tel: +7 (495) 926 99 00

Web: www.ruses.ru/ebout

Company description

LLC RUSENERGOSBYT was established in 2002 by ESN Group and the European energy concern ENEL. Today RUSENERGOSBYT is one of the largest energy supply companies operating in the territory of the Russian Federation, delivering electricity to more than 200 thoUnited States of Americand customers including strategic corporations of the country, small and medium enterprises, residentials. The unique feature of the company is its developed structure: conducting business activity in most regions. RUSENERGOSBYT has vast work experience with different categories of customers and provides high service standards together with individual approach. The key operational principle is to minimize costs of our clients related to electricity payment and to develop an extensive infrastructure for building long-term relations with electricity customers. Business geography of the company covers more than 50 regions of the Russian Federation – from Saint Petersburg to the Far East. The company’s structure includes 9 branches. RUSENERGOSBYT acts as a Guarantee Supplier on the federal level. The company gained the status in the territory of 19 constituents of the Russian Federation. RUSENERGOSBYT has an expert status in RF FTS, representatives of the company are members of the Energy expert council in RF FAS.

Products and services

Electricity purchase in the electric energy (capacity) wholesale and retail markets;Electricity sale to customers in the electric energy (capacity) wholesale and retail markets;Concluding contracts on rendering electric energy (capacity) transmission services with grid companies on behalf of customers;Development, organization and holding energy saving activities; Acting as a Guarantee Supplier; Implementation of Automatic systems for commercial accounting of electricity consumption

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