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Address: 10 Letnikovskaya St, Building 2, 5th floor Moscow 115114

Tel: +7 495 981-9811

Web: http://www2.emersonprocess.com/en-US/brands/roxar/Pages/Roxar.aspx

Company description

Roxar is a leading provider to the oil & gas industry of advanced technology for production optimisation, production regularity and improved decision making. Our technologies help operators maximise their reservoir’s performance. Roxar understands reservoir description and flow dynamics. Our technologies take operators through the entire reservoir lifecycle from interpretation of geological data through to collection and analysis of real-time production data. Roxar’s 3D reservoir geological modelling and simulation software, and our comprehensive range of topside, subsea and downhole metering and monitoring instrumentation maximises return from your reservoir assets.

Products and services

Roxar creates solutions for: Reservoir Management Software Well Application Pressure & Temperature Flow Metering Control Valves Sand/Erosion Corrosion Mechanical & Process Production Management Software

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