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Address: 1003, Vishwa Deep Building, Dist. Centre 110058 Janakpuri, New Delhi India

Tel: +91 11 415 790 28

Web: www.rotarex.com

Company description

ROTAREX Group is a privately owned Luxembourgish group of companies who develop and manufacture high pressure valves, tube fittings and pressure regulators for almost all types of gas, in almost all application fields. Founded in the year 1922 under the name CEODEUX in Lintgen, Luxembourg, ROTAREX actually employing approximately 1500 people, is now present on all continents with a broad range of products

Products and services

Market leader in gas valves, regulators and fittings for LPG, CNG, UHP, Fire extinguishers, Semiconductor, Medical and Industrial applications. ROTAREX covers many markets for all types of gas applications.

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