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PT Pembangkitan Jawa-Bali (PJB)


Address: Jl. Ketintang Baru No. 11 Surabaya 60231

Tel: +62-31 8283180

Web: http://www.ptpjb.com/en/

Company description

PT Java-Bali Power Plant (Java-Bali Power PT = PT PJB). Since its establishment in 1995, PT Java-Bali Power Plant (PT PJB) has always been dedicated to the nation and the state of Indonesia. PT PJB takes a leading role in promoting the national economy development by Providing high-quality, reliable and sustainable energy supply. With our vision to Become the prominent electricity power plant in Indonesia with a world-class standards, we continually deliver Innovations and improvements while at the same time maintaining good corporate governance / GCG. With the support of our shareholders and stakeholders, PT PJB Grows and thrives in Diverse business areas, without forsaking its company's social responsibility to create an independent society and maintain sustainability of the environment

Products and services

Initially, it was only an power-generator business, utilizing six electrity power plants: namely Gresik Plant Unit (UP) (2225 MW), Paiton UP (800 MW), Muara Karang UP (1,200 MW), Freshwater Estuary UP (920 MW ), Cirata UP (1008 MW), and Brantas UP (247 MW). Now, PT PJB develop and managed other Diverse businesses related to power-generator plants, Among others: Operation and Maintenance Plant Service (O & M), Engineering, Procurement and Contractor (EPC), power plant consultant, education and training of power plant management, education and training of renewable energy, and other businesses in order to maximize the potential of the company. On top of that, PT PJB built subsidiaries in Operation and Maintenance, in Engineering Procurement and Contractor (EPC), and Entered a joint-venture to develop new power plants as well as manage service Plant Operation and Maintenance business.

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