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PT. Molindo Raya


Address: Jl. Sumberwaras 255, Lawang-Malang, East Java,Indonesia

Tel: +62-341-426681

Web: http://www.molindo.co.id/

Company description

PT. Molindo Raya is one of the three biggest ethanol producers in Indonesia, since it holds 90% of the domestic market. Its successful technology development of waste treatment has led to a cleaner, more efficient production process technology which does not pollute the environment. Instead, PT. Molindo Raya processes its waste to produce value added products, enhancing not only the environment but the community as well.

Products and services

Molindo is an Ethanol distillery, but it also produces Carbon Dioxide and with its well-known selling brand “Sinar Matahari”, Molindo is currently producing two types of fertilizer.

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