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Port of Esbjerg


Address: Hulvejen 1 6700 Esbjerg

Tel: +45 7612 4000

Web: en.portesbjerg.dk

Company description

Located on the west coast of Denmark facing the United Kingdom, Norway, the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland as well as the Western part of continental Europe, the Port of Esbjerg is the international port of Western Denmark. Due to the port’s efficient hinterland connections also Sweden and the Baltic countries are within easy reach.

Products and services

Over the years, the Port of Esbjerg has demonstrated firm determination to further develop the port’s infrastructure and its capability of attracting new liner services. All in all, this makes the Port of Esbjerg a dynamic hub for cargo flows between the Nordic countries, the Baltic area and Europe. In addition, the Port of Esbjerg also serves the oil and gas industry as well as the ever-growing offshore wind farm industry in the North Sea. Since the start of the Danish offshore activities in the North Sea, the Port of Esbjerg has established a unique position as one of the world’s leading ports for the provision of offshore services and support. Currently, 80 per cent of the Danish offshore industry is based in Esbjerg. The development into a multimodal transport centre makes the Port of Esbjerg an ideal short sea shipping alternative to road transport on Europe’s congested and expensive highways. On the whole, the Port of Esbjerg regards itself as being well prepared for the challenges of the future.

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