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Address: Av. República de Panamá 3055 - Piso 8 - San Isidro, Lima

Tel: +51-1-411-7100

Web: www.pluspetrol.net

Company description

PLUSPETROL is one of the private E&P companies in Latin America that has experienced the greatest development in the last decades. With its first operations in Argentina, the Company is, at present, the fourth oil and gas producer in that country and the largest producer of Peru. With a presence in Latin America and in Africa PLUSPETROL has developed its operations with the conviction that it is possible to operate in highly complex environments, using the best proven technologies, while respecting the natural environment, the local cultures and the archeological heritage of each operation. In a few words, the experience in operations is summed up in: sensitive contexts, inhospitable zones and geological complexity, with technical expertise in: enhanced recovery, large gas fields, heavy crude extraction in remote zones, exploitation of mature fields and marginal areas.

Products and services

Today, it has total operated production of 367 MBOE/d and net proven reserves of 1,165 MMBOE.

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