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Web: www.pln.co.id/eng/?p=59

Company description

PLN is responsible for the majority of Indonesia’s electricity generation and has exclusive powers in relation to the transmission, distribution and supply of electricity to the public. PLN is regulated and supervised by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (“MoEMR”), the Ministry of State Owned Enterprises (“MoSOE”), and the Ministry of Finance (“MoF”). In 2004, PLN was transformed from a public utility into a state-owned limited liability company. PLN has been given the important task of running certification activities in the electricity sector, which includes the installation of electric power generation, network installation airworthiness certification, certification of products (SPM), quality system certification, environmental management system certification, networking and commissioning of the plant and Tera Meter. PT PLN Puslitbang is the unit in charge of PLN's research and development in the field of power supply quality, system efficiency, power and equipment, quality assurance, conservation and management ligkungan and new technologies. PLN Research and Development Center has a fully functional laboratory with the scope for testing high voltage and high current, high voltage test equipment and low voltage, calibration, applied chemistry, civil structures and soil mechanics, environmental, diagnostic materials, water power, control & instrumentation, fuel and combustion, electrical power systems and protection.

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Electricity Supply

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