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Address: Jl. K.H. Zainul Arifin No. 20 Jakarta 11140 Indonesia

Tel: +62 21 633 4838

Web: www.pgn.co.id

Company description

PGN are specialists in the transportation and distribution of natural gas, connecting Indonesia's natural gas supplies with customers across the country. PGN is building on foundations firmly established over many decades and evolving from a gas transmission and distribution company into an integrated energy solution provider, maximizing the utilization of natural gas to meet the ever increasing and ever more challenging demands of modern industry and society. As the demand for clean, affordable energy continues to grow, PGN will continue to use its expertise and experience to secure new sources of energy to meet customers' long-term needs.

Products and services

PGN's transmission pipeline network links the major natural gas producing areas with the major industrial zones and residential areas that rely on natural gas as a key source of energy. The Grissik-Duri transmission pipeline carries gas from the ConocoPhillips field, to Duri (Chevron Pacific Indonesia). It is operated by Transgasindo, a subsidiary of PGN. The Grissik-Batam-Singapore transmission pipeline crosses the sea, carrying gas from the ConocoPhillips & PetroChina field to Batam (PGN Batam) and Singapore (Gas Supply Pte.Ltd.). It is operated by Transgasindo, a subsidiary of PGN. The South Sumatera-West Java transmission pipeline serves the needs of West Java and Jakarta. The Transmission Line Wampu - Sicanang in Medan distributes gas from Pertagas to PLN Belawan. It is operated by SBU Region 3 Medan. PGN has so far distributed gas volumes in excess of more than 800 MMScfd, and transmitted volumes up to 840 MMScfd, through its 5900 km long transmission and distribution pipeline network.

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