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Address: Avenue Enrique Canaval Moreyra 150. Lima 27, Perú

Tel: +51 1 614 5000

Web: www.petroperu.com/portalweb/Main.asp?Seccion=40

Company description

Petroperu is a state-owed company of private law engaged in fuels and other petroleum derived products transportation, refinery, distribution and trading. They employ over one thoUnited States of Americand workers directly and over 4000 persons indirectly.

Products and services

Oil transportation North Peruvian oil pipeline Ramal Norte oil pipeline Contracted sea and river fleet Petroleum refinery Talara Refinery Conchan Refinery Iquitos Refinery El Milagro Refinery Pucallpa refinery (conceded) Distribution Contracted sea and river fleet Contracted tank truck and train fleet Trading Own fuel stations in the coast and jungle. Contracted fuel stations in the coast and highlands. Affiliated fuel stations network

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