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Petrolink Mexico


Address: Av. Paseo Tabasco 1203, piso 15, oficina 1505, Torre empresarial, Colonia Lindavista, Villahermosa, Tab. CP. 86050. Mexico

Tel: +52 9933 160472

Web: www.petrolink.com

Company description

Petrolink is a well established information and communications technology service company specializing in the oil and gas exploration and production sector. Petrolink has provided IT and communications solutions to oil and gas operators whether super majors, or smaller independent operators for more than 20 years. Petrolink has adapted and evolved its solutions and services to suit the needs of its customers in this technology driven service sector. Petrolink has a highly skilled and experienced team of people recruited from the oil and gas, software development and information and communications technology industries to provide tailored solutions to our growing client base. Petrolink has become the market leader in the secure transmission and distribution of geotechnical and associated data throughout the world. Petrolink has strategically placed its personnel and offices across the globe to provide the best possible level of support to its customers.

Products and services

Petrolink is a data distribution service supported by the Petrolink worldwide network of interactive secure web servers that are able to synchronize a single Digital Well File® of each Well across the Internet and Corporate Intranets. This enables the sharing of all types of oilfield data within a community of interest consisting of the operator's own personnel, joint venture partners, government agencies and service companies. Right information to the right person at the right time All data types (such as reports, logs, spreadsheets and more) may be uploaded by anyone with the correct access rights using a web browser from anywhere in the world to a single unique Digital Well File® stored in a server that is easily accessible even from a remote location (production platform, drilling rig, seismic vessel or overseas office). Within a few minutes the data is replicated (or synchronized) to all the Petrolink servers whether on the Internet or on a corporate intranet. This enables all authorized parties with the correct access rights to access the information securely and quickly. The Petrolink secure data service prevents information overload, because the data can be easily retrieved when required. The Petrolink secure data service provides its users with a mechanism to streamline the flow and management of oilfield data. This enables personnel to spend more time on productive work and less time looking for data. Not only does Petrolink™ organize and distribute data efficiently, it gives the operator an ideal mechanism to archive data. Data can be stored permanently on the Operator's intranet or extranet Petrolink server. Files can also be archived permanently to CD-ROM for easy distribution with hard copy reports to joint venture partners. PetroVaultTM Real-Time Data Visualization WITSML Connect The Digital Well File® PowerDoc PowerForm PowerSync PowerPlan PowerCollect PowerStore PowerSwitch WDS

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