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Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) Brazil


Address: Rua Victor Civita, 77 – Bl. 1 – Ed. 6.2 – 4ºandar – Condomínio Rio Office Park Cep: 22775-044 Barra da Tijuca – RJ

Tel: +55 21 2421 8400

Web: www.pgs.com

Company description

Petroleum Geo-Services ASA (OSE: PGS), an oilfield service company, provides geophysical services worldwide. The company provides various seismic and reservoir services, including acquisition, processing, interpretation, and field evaluation. PGS was founded in 1991, to focus on the production of high grade seismic data for oil companies. In Brazil, PGS has been continuously active since 1994 and offers the highest local content of any seismic company in the market. The company also has the largest MulitClient library in Brazil with over 100, 000 km2 to date.

Products and services

Marine Offshore Streamer seismic data acquisition Marine MultiClient library Data processing Reservoir consulting

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