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Address: Av. República do Chile, 65 CEP: 20.031-912 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ,Brazil

Tel: +55 21 3224-4477

Web: http://www.petrobras.com.br/en/

Company description

Petrobras is a Brazilian company with presence in other 27 countries. Thier stock is traded in the world’s main stock exchanges. The company has overcome many challenges in its 55-year history which has led to significant technological progress and has made them a leader in deepwater exploration and production. Petrobras works to increase performance and projection even more as a company that is dedicated to the global energy production challenges. Because of this, their commitment goes well beyond profitability: they seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in processes and products, to achieve ecoefficiency, and to preserve the environment. THe group employes over 75,000 people the world over while producing more than 2,5 million barrels per day.

Products and services

While particularly active upstream, the company also offers a number of products and services downstream these include: * For Automotive * For Aviation * For Navigation * For Railway Transportation * Asphaltic Products * For Industries * Household Use * Convenience Services

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