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United Kingdom

Address: Petro-Canada 1 London Bridge London SE1 9BG,United Kingdom

Tel: +44 0 20 7105 6200

Web: http://www.petro-canada.ca/default.aspx

Company description

Petro-Canada was founded as a Crown Corporation in 1975 by an act of Parliament. Most of the original Petro-Canada stations were British Petroleum Canada (BP Canada) dealers, and BP disappeared from the retail scene in Canada soon after. Later, Petro-Canada acquired the Canadian retail stations of Gulf and Fina.Petro-Canada is Canada’s second-largest downstream company with refining and supply operations, retail and marketing networks, and a specialty lubricants businessToday, Petro-Canada is Canada's 11th largest company with important interests in such projects as Hibernia, Terra Nova, and White Rose; its gas stations remain a presence in most Canadian cities. It owns refineries in Edmonton, Alberta (135,000 bpd) and Montreal, Quebec (155,000 bpd), accounting for 16% of the Canadian industry’s total refining capacity.The company has expanded internationally and has been involved in various countries. These have included Algeria, the Netherlands, Tunisia, the United Kingdom, Syria, Italy, Libya, Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela.Currently the main assets within Petro-Canada's International and Offshore Business are East Coast Canada, United Kingdom (North Sea), Netherlands (North Sea), Libya, Syria and Trinidad and Tobago. These and all the other sites outside of North America are run by the International and Offshore Business Unit of Petro-Canada with its headquarters in London Bridge, London.


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