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Address: P.O. Box 598, NO-4003 Stavanger  

Tel: +47 51 87 66 20 

Web: http://www.petrad.no/

Company description

Petrad is a non-profit Norwegian Government Foundation established in 1989 to facilitate sharing of knowledge and experience on Petroleum Management, Administration and Technology between managers and experts within Governments and National Oil Companies. Petrad arranges tailored courses and seminars covering a wide range of topics on the management of petroleum resources. The activities are conducted in Norway and abroad lasting from 1 day to 10 weeks. Petrad also conducts Training Needs Assessments and assistance with Institutional Development. Petrad draw on resource persons and lecturers from the total Norwegian and International petroleum industry. They hold considerable experience from senior managerial and technical positions with Government, Operating-, Engineering- and Service Companies, Consultancies, R&D Institutions and Universities. Petrad has arranged a total of more than 400 courses and seminars with more than 14.000 participants from 98 countries.


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