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Outokumpu China


Address: Tsing Yi Island, N.T. , Hong Kong China

Tel: +852 244 99240

Web: www.outokumpu.com

Company description

Outokumpu employs some 8 000 people in more than 30 countries. The Group’s head office is located in Espoo, Finland. Outokumpu has been listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki since 1988. Our plants in Finland, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the US produce a wide range of stainless steel products including hot and cold rolled, precision strip, tubular and long products together with a comprehensive range of fittings, flanges and welding consumables. They are available in various grades, dimensions and surface finishes. We also produce raw material using our own chrome mine and ferrochrome facility. Customers in a wide range of industries worldwide use our stainless steel and services. Being fully recyclable, maintenance free, as well as very strong and durable material, stainless steel is one of the key building blocks for sustainable future. The excellent qualities of stainless steel make it an ideal choice for various demanding applications from cutlery to food and chemical processing plants and oil platforms. Stainless steel is the fastest growing metal market across the world. In this market we are well positioned: one of the world’s six largest producers, and also widely recognised as world leaders in technical support, research and development.

Products and services

inspires confidence. Oil and gas infrastructure is designed and built to last and serve for decades. Whether the need is for an oil rig or for a petrochemical project, the operator’s concern is for quality and performance. Outokumpu controls the entire supply chain from raw materials to stainless steel – we mine ore, melt steel and provide finished products from flat and long to tubular. We give you the Big Picture as well as details and the opportunity for ready-to-use solutions. We are a global company operating in all continents. Anywhere you plan a project, we are just around the corner. Working with Outokumpu, you are in touch with local people, and you will be provided for all your needs from one source. Dedicated to stainless, Outokumpu stays at the forefront of the industry thanks to the most advanced and best-equipped research center in the field to study corrosion and develop new solutions. Supplying a large share of the stainless steel for the oil and gas market, Outokumpu’s products have been tried and tested over decades in the most extreme environments from Arctic to tropical, from dry desert to deep sea and utmost pressure, and from cryogenic applications to elevated temperatures. As wells go deeper and deeper, and systems become heavier and heavier, the industry reaps major benefits from duplex stainless steel. Outokumpu, the world’s leading supplier and specialist in duplex, continues actively to develop new duplex applications for the industry. As proof of the performance and safety of our products as well as of their consistent high quality, Outokumpu enjoys approvals by leading oil and gas companies. Outokumpu products can be found from upstream to downstream applications – from oil and gas production to transport and storage, refineries, LNG plants and petrochemical units.

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