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Tel: +55 21 2163-6100

Web: www.osx.com.br

Company description

The OSX is a company in the sector of equipment and services for the offshore Oil & Gas industry Oil & Gas with i Formed to meet the industry demand for integrated service solutions to the oil fields and natural gas, the OSX is also the result of the synergy that characterizes the EBX Group, in this case aimed at ensuring the production plan of OGX, by providing integrated services offshore. The OGX estimates a demand of 48 units of production whose cost estimate of the market is approximately U.S. $ 30 billion. These units may be acquired by OSX Leasing and chartered to OGX to support its base of growth over the next 10 years. The OSX is in the process of environmental licensing for the construction of a shipyard in the city of Biguaçu in Santa Catarina. The project will bring significant direct and indirect benefits to the town and surrounding areas to the enterprise, as well as for the Brazilian economy. It will also help to further boost the Brazilian naval industry, creating jobs, increasing tax revenue, plus dynamic and diversified economic activities.

Products and services

Shipbuilding Freighting units for exploration and production (E & P) services Maintenance (O & M).

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