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Address: Km 7.5 Road Coatzacoalcos-Minatitlán. Coatzacoalcos,Veracruz,Mexico C.P. 96496

Tel: +52 (921) 2118100

Web: www.grupoopc.com

Company description

OPC is the largest and most important construction company of Southeast Mexico. They continue offering their services to many clients, private as well as government agencies. It is distinguished as one of the most serious and reliable constructing companies in Mexico.Some of the projects they are now involved include EPC type projects. This is another reason of their being OPC has vast experience due to its intervening in the construction of significant industrial areas in various plants, docks, bridges and breakwaters. Their know-how expanded to construct turn-key plants, seaport complexes, dredging and other offshore works and services. This experience, expertise and hard working are the essence of their performance.

Products and services

Engineering, Construction and Procurement

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