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OMV (Norway)


Address: Fjordpiren, Laberget 22 NO-4020 Stavanger Norway

Tel: +47 52 97 70 00

Web: http://www.omv-norge.no/portal/01/no/private

Company description

OMV is an Austrian-based oil and gas company operating in Norway. They entered the market for to gain access to exciting exploration opportunities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, and also to add mature gas areas to their already impressive gas portfolio. OMV are a very integrated company, and currently take 10% of their worldwide gas imports from Norway. OMV are partnered with many different companies on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, and are building on their reputation for excellent exploration skills which come from dealing with complex geological locations in Austria and the Atlantic margin. They are applying these skills to areas such as the Barents Sea. OMV hope to establish themselves in Norway with a good portfolio, and a reputation for being responsible operators, considerate of all parties.


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