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Oiltools AS


Address: Skvadronveien 27, NO-4050 Sola, Norway

Tel: +47 986 92 222

Web: www.oiltools.no

Company description

Oiltools was established in Norway since September 2000. We employ more than 60 experienced employee both onshore and offshore. Our main objective is to be the leading provider of Drilling Waste Management Systems. Over the years, we have developed special technology for Drilling Waste Management and have provided solutions for the majority of the clean drilling operations in the Barents Sea. In addition we have supplied total Drilling Waste Management solutions for several other major drilling operations in the North Sea, United Kingdom, Greenland, Mexico and Faulkland Island. Further to the provision of services and solutions, we have designed and supplied Drilling Waste Management technology for several new build rigs, where we work closely with our clients and shipyards. We maintain good and close relationship with our partner and suppliers to create and market speciality equipment, to provide the best and latest available technology to the market. Our main partner for water treatment solution is Rena Technology. We have been working together for provision of technology in many parts of the world in order to reduce operational cost for dealing with waste water. We are also in the process of developing a market for specialized production enhancement chemicals. Oiltools will present to all potential clients the benefit of waste management services and what cost savings that are involved over time.

Products and services

We provide fully integrated Drilling Waste Management services to our valued clients. We start from the designing phase of the drilling waste package on new builds and continues with excellent maintaining and operating the equipment throughout the life cycle, to prevent any loss time and damanges to our clients' equipment and system. We have an Onshore Enviromental Treatment facility in Sandnesjøen, Sandnessjøen Gjenvenning for handling both slop and drill cuttings. The treatment facility is fully equipped with thermal unit from Thermtech for drill cuttings treatment and a slop cleaning facility from Rena Technology. Over the years, Oiltools has also developed in-house training courses for their clients and employees both for solids control system and water treatment technology.

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