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Address: Admiralitaetstrasse 55 20459 Hamburg Germany

Tel: +49-(0)40-37099-0

Web: www.oiltanking.com

Company description

Oiltanking is one of the world’s leading independent storage partners for oils, chemicals, and gases. Oiltanking owns and operates 70 terminals in 21 countries with a total storage capacity of more than 17.2 million cubic meters. Whether we are providing exceptional storage services, creating profitable outsourcing projects, or engineering successful joint ventures, you will find us wherever there’s a need for creative logistical solutions.

Products and services

Independent, third-party storage may seem to be a basic, although capital-intensive, business. But, when you consider the evolving needs of our customers, diversity is an important asset. To that end, we are taking over storage infrastructure, adding value with downstream processing services, and offering specialized engineering services. More and more, we are being asked, not just for storage capacity, but for creative logistical solutions.

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