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Oil Gas Denmark


Address: Knabrostræde 30, Copenhagen, Denmark

Tel: +45 3841 1880

Web: www.oilgasdenmark.dk/

Company description

Oil Gas Denmark is a newly founded trade organisation for the entire oil and gas industry. As an industry, we are facing major challenges. It requires a focused effort and major investments to extract the potential. With Oil Gas Denmark, the industry has a joint forum to promote this task. If we are to succeed, we need a coordinated effort in order to further develop the sector in the areas of technology enhancement, education, safety and environment.

Products and services

The first core area of Oil Gas Denmark is Sector Development, which includes framing conditions, or the importance of having long-term stable conditions to enable long-run decisions that are necessary to realize the potential of the North Sea and the Danish onshore subsoil. An example is pursuing innovation and technology and to understand what subject matters can best be handled by an organization rather than by the companies themselves. Our second core area is Health, Safety and Environment. The Danish oil & gas industry has a good track record in this regard and sharing it between companies and with other oil-producing North Sea countries will have high priority. The third is Skills & Capabilities, which focuses on how we can attract and retain talent in the industry, and as part of this we look at how we can improve the image of the industry in society. Last but not least we focus on the continued development of the service companies that supply the oil industry. The services we deliver are research and publications, partnerships, networking events, training and communication.

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