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Address: Spaklerweg 20 Amsterdam

Tel: +31 0900 0808

Web: www.nuon.com/company

Company description

Energy companies provide an important basic need and take a central spot in society. Nuon is active throughout the energy chain, operates in a global market and takes account of the environment worldwide problem. Nuon is highly aware that its responsibility does not end at our front door. So when it comes to issues such as 'climate' and 'society', very Clearly it takes its own responsibility as well as implement important measures. Nuon helps its customers to save as much energy as they can and get an optimum return on their energy use. At the same time, Nuon conducts research and invest in ways to generate energy in the cleanest possible way. Therefore, Nuon wants to expand our energy production from natural sources like wind, sun, water, heat and cold as much as possible.


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