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Norwegian Union of Energy Workers (SAFE)


Address: co/Tage Lohiniva Fiolveien 13 3060 SVELVIK

Tel: +47 97 07 09 43

Web: www.safe-dsn.com

Company description

SAFE DSN aims to organize any employees of the DSN that naturally fit into our core business. In practice, virtually all employees in all departments and both onshore employees and offshore employees up to the department level. We work for our members in all areas relating to employment, wages and pensions, safety and secure jobs at all levels. We have our collective agreement, special agreement and salary matrix that is applicable to all offshore employees. In addition, we have the collective agreement for the land staff. We are the only active organization in the company and therefore have a major impact on most areas. In the current situation, with great competition from foreign labor, it is important that we stand together. Are we together we are stronger than if we were alone!

Products and services

The members decide what club to work with, and everyone has an equal opportunity to call into what is important to you. It is close to the board, we are usually available by phone and email. There is no "pampering gestures" or hidden agendas, we say things like it is and stands for our opinions! We cooperate with the other two SAFE clubs that are in the same industry as us, SS7 and Deep Ocean, among others, for aligning terms and future plans. In addition, we are in SAFE's Well Service Apparel is for clubs in oil. In the past year, we have now to understand the importance of creating personal handbook. We also got together all the pension and insurance schemes in now as this is important for everyone, but that can be a jungle setting himself in. It is a fact that these things are heavy and tedious, so it is essential that it be readily available information that is easy to understand and relate to. This work is hard, but we try to update us as best as possible. The club started the work to get representatives into the corporate board. This work is now complete, and we have two employee representatives as directors of DOF Subsea Norway AS. The club also has a strong focus on the later years of pressure from operators on the Norwegian continental shelf tools / violate established agreements.

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