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Norsea Group


Address: Risavika Havnering 14,  P.O. Box 70, 4098 Tananger 

Tel: +47 51 85 30 00 

Web: http://www.norseagroup.com/home.aspx

Company description

The NorSea Group maintain ten strategically placed supply bases throughout Norway, which provide an infrastructure solution to many oil and gas companies operating on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. From the Farsund base in the south of the country, right up to Hammerfest in the north, the NorSea Group’s bases are excellently placed to provide logistical solutions to the oilfields located off Norway’s coastline. Each facility is tailored to the companies that operate out of it, and as a result NorSea have earned themselves an excellent reputation in the Norwegian oil and gas sector. Because the ten bases are all under the organization of one group, NorSea can offer services both to independent companies operating on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, as well as supply excellent service to companies that need to operate throughout the country.


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