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Address: 450112, Republic of Bashkortostan, Ufa, ul. Ulyanov, 21

Tel: +7 (347) 240-52-55

Web: http://www.ngvps.ru/

Company description

It is the work of the trust's professional employees that make it possible to develop new land and new construction, including in remote places, for the oil and gas industry in Russian Federation. It is the blasters that enter a new facility right after the geologists. NefteGazVzryvPromStroi has all necessary permits to conduct a wide range of drilling and blasting.

Products and services

• Blasting trenches for the construction of gas pipelines and communication equipment (water, electric cable, the cable connection); • Loosening rock and permafrost in complex mountainous terrain; • Loosening rock and frozen ground in protected zones around oil pipelines, power lines and communication lines; • Underwater blasting to loosen rock soils at crossings over water obstacles of varying depth and extent. • Production of blasting during subgrade construction of roads and railways, including those in mountanous areas; • Production of blasting on industrial and construction sites with little space, including shops, where there are severe restrictions on the spreading of pieces of rock, seismic impact on protected objects, shock waves harmful for people and windows of buildings and structures; • Crushing and removal of explosion of monolithic concrete and reinforced concrete structures, including foundations; • Cutting explosions for dismantling different types of steel structures; • Directed explosions at the base of structures or in any given direction - chimneys, brick-and-roll reinforced concrete buildings, other structures; • Pre-ripping blasts of ice covered rivers. • Dredging and underwater blasting. • Explosions during construction of tunnels and other transportation facilities; development of mineral deposits through underground methods. • Production drilling for deep anode beds. • Special work in the soil (water level). • cathodic protection of structures, process equipment and piping.

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