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National Society of Mining, Petroleum and Energy (SNMPE)


Address: Francisco Graña 671, Magdalena del Mar Lima 17,Peru

Tel: (511) 215-9250

Web: http://www.snmpe.org.pe/

Company description

The National Society of Mining, Petroleum and Energy (SNMPE), is an organization established as a non-profit civil association that brings together important stakeholders related to mining, hydrocarbon and electricity. The Company's mission is to operate within the framework of existing legislation in the country, working to contribute to sustainable development of the country and support the State in all that relates to promoting the image of Peru as a country with a wide potential in mining areas, hydrocarbon and electricity.

Products and services

-We facilitate and coordinate the agendas of dialogue between the different actors involved in the development of the mining and hydrocarbon businesses. -We spread the contribution of the sector to national development through its various activities. -Work in promoting private investment in our sectors. -Analyzing and monitoring the current regulations of the sectors, possible changes and generate proposals for improvement. Edit publications and specialized information useful in the management of our partners, and community in general. - Publishing of "Desde Adentro", an institutional Magazine with information and analysis of the mining sector. - Publishing of other informational reports and studies related to our industrial sectors

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