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NAM – Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij


Address: Schepersmaat 2 9405 TA Assen 9400 HH Assen

Tel: +31 592 369 111

Web: www.nam.nl

Company description

Following the discovery of an oil field near Schoonebeek in 1943 by Exploratie Nederland, a Shell company, Shell and Esso decided to put up the capital jointly for a new oil exploration and production company: Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij, or NAM for short. NAM was formed on 19 September 1947. NAM is now the largest gas producer in the Netherlands, with annual production of around 50 billion m³. A little over half of this gas (27 billion m³) comes from the Groningen field and the rest from various smaller fields elsewhere on the mainland (12.5 billion m³) and in the North Sea (11 billion m³). Gas produced by NAM covers around 75% of Dutch demand. NAM also continues to produce oil , around 0.4 million m³ a year. NAM accounts for just a quarter of the oil produced in the Netherlands (1,6 million m³).


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