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Address: Ommelanderwijk 8 9644 TL Veendam, The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)598 666 900

Web: www.nacap.com/en

Company description

Nacap operates worldwide as managing contractor, providing a wide range of multidisciplinary solutions for the transport of oil, gas, water, electricity and data. We provide transparency and certainty in project execution for a wide range of customers, spread over Europe, The Middle East, Asia and Australia. Nacap employs some 3,000 people worldwide and achieves a yearly turnover of approx. € 600 million.

Products and services

Nacap is committed to engineer, procure and construct pipelines as efficient as possible and with minimal risks and impact on the people involved and on our environment. Project are executed best in close cooperation with all stakeholders and with total cost of ownership in mind.

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