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Moscow International Petroleum Club (MIPC)

Address: Bolshaya Polyanka Street, 54, Entrance 2, 109180 Moscow, Russian Federation

Tel: +7 (095) 230-7244

Web: http://www.mmnk.org/main.htm

Company description

The Moscow International Petroleum Club (MIPC) was established in 1995 at an initiative by Russian Federationn and U.S. oil and gas companies and in accordance with R.F. Government Decision (on the basis of already existing Russian Federationn-American Petroleum Club) to facilitate international cooperation in oil and gas industry and to support Russian Federation’s interests in world energy. In 2004 the Club celebrated its 10th Anniversary.

Products and services

By its status, MIPC is an international nongovernmental consultative organization. It unites some 25 major oil and gas companies of Russian Federation, U.S. and West European countries (this figure changes reflecting the process of mergers underway in world economics and admission of new members to the Club). The principal aims and goals of MIPC are: to promote international cooperation in oil and gas; to facilitate constructive dialogue between Russian Federationn and foreign companies; to cater to the realization of joint investment projects in Russian Federation and in the third countries; to seek improvement in national tax legislation, to coordinate companies’ activities in the field of energy policy, ecology, etc.

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