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Tel: +52 ( 55) 5081 1680

Company description

Mexsubb was established in 1982. Since its begging Mexssub takes pride in a record of safety and technical leadership in the field of pipeline rehabilitation, holding 6 patents for equipment and processes developed for the rehabilitation of marine risers and pipelines. The company s team : Sales & Marketing, Commercial, Design, Engineering and Fabrication have a wealth of experience in international operations. They have also implemented an operational excellence management system and operative’s processes certified by DNV. Mexsubb is committed to the future, actively progressing in the research and development of new technology for the Oil and Gas Industry. Among the company s clients are :Pemex, México ExxonMobil, United States of America ExxonMobil, Nigeria, PXP, United States of America and Woodside, Australia. Mexsubb also have strategic alliances with GreyStar Corporation, Penspen and Offshore Ruber Fenders, Inc

Products and services

Mexssub is a corporation specializing in underwater repair services for the offshore oil and gas industry. The company has developed state of the art technology in the Mexssub Sleeve System for pipeline rehabilitation and failure prevention (both on and offshore) and unique and specialized flexible subsea habitats that allow permanent repair and rehabilitation of risers at the splash zone, subsea and inland water pipelines. All this can be done without interrupting production.

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