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METI Indonesian Renewable Energy Society


Address: Komplek Perkantoran PT Panasonic Jl. Dewi Sartika No. 14 - Cawang II Jakarta Timur

Tel: 021 808 77428

Web: http://www.meti.or.id/home.php?page=home&lang=id

Company description

METI/IRES is an communication, consultancy and cooperation forum among Renewable Energy (RE) practitioner, which has goal to accelerate gain on RE function to fulfill national energy demand. History The founding of the Indonesian Renewable Energy Society (IRES) was initiated by a group of intellectuals, government officials, private companies and professionals, that on the one hand, concern with the unabated use of fossil energy which is considered to be the main cause of the current global environmental pollution and the accelerated depletion of the conventional energy resources, whilst, on the other hand, realize that Indonesia is endowed with abundant but relatively not much tapped renewable energy resource, which could be utilized sustainably to meet the energy need of the current and future generation. METI is a forum for scientists, educators, regulators, business developers and organizations, NGOs and other stakeholders to discuss and exchange views on strategic and pragmatic issues of using Renewable Energy to serve the nation’s interest and objectives to be less dependence on fossil energy and prevent the environment from deteriorating as a result of the continuous and unabated use of fossil energy. METI is also committed to contribute to the global efforts in combating the negative impact of the global climate change, by producing ideas and solutions toward the global concerns, particularly through advocating and promoting the use of renewable energies. After having various intensive discussions and deliberations by the initiating group members, the founding of METI was officially declared on May 11, 1999.

Products and services

Consulting, commmunations, Enery

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