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MBendi Information Services

South Africa

Address: PO Box 23498, Claremont, 7735 South Africa

Tel: +27 21 671-9889

Web: http://www.mbendi.com/index.htm

Company description

MBendi Information Services (Pty) Ltd is a privately owned Internet business publishing company founded in 1995 and based in Cape Town, South Africa. The company uses the Internet to support business and political decision makers worldwide. The MBendi Information Services' website and E-mail newsletters assist organisations to find and research potential opportunities and partners. At the same time, MBendi helps providers of products and services to reach decision makers in a cost-effective way. While MBendi’s scope includes all the regions of the world and all industry sectors, our main focus is on energy, mining, travel, trade and the developing world, especially Africa. Our newsletter commentary addresses issues relevant to the future of both the developed and developing worlds.

Products and services

Advertising, Information Services, Strategic Management

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