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Malm Orstad


Address: Vollveien 66, 4354 Voll

Tel: +47 48 22 10 00

Web: www.malmorstad.com

Company description

Malm Orstad, who is the father of the current owners - and Leif and Magne Orstad, established the company in 1946 - "The Forge of coast". Malm Orstad AS had its market within the agricultural industry until the end of 1980. After it has been focused on the offshore industry. Today, 99% of the missions of this market.

Products and services

rincipal areas are engineering and fabrication. We offer our clients a total package solution to facilitate projects and give them "a single point of contact". Troubleshooting, debugging, modeling, concept studies, detailed design and product development are some of the services offered in the daily. Short delivery, solid product knowledge and a high level of quality is our biggest advantage as a supplier. Our engineering team has extensive experience in the fields of mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics and control systems for offshore and onshore industry. Having engineers close to the production facilities has been shown to be essential for the production of the most functional solutions and the most cost effective production solutions. Additionally, we are technology-aware and has recently invested in machinery and equipment in line with developments. This way Malm Orstad able to manage complex projects from concept to finished product and project delivery of complete and fully documented product. When Malm Orstad involved in bigger projects, we can take on the project management responsibility for our clients and deliver within the agreed milestones. Our participation in projects varies from having full responsibility, including engineering to be a supplier of machining, assembly and testing. Malm Orstad is also certified according to ISO 9001-2008 and 14001-2004. Malm Orstad is also Achilles approved.

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