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Maersk Oil Norway


Address: Chr. August Thoringsvej 7, 4033 Stavanger

Tel: +47 5200 2800

Web: http://www.maerskoil.com/globaloperations/norway/Pages/Norway.aspx

Company description

Maersk Oil is an international oil and gas company with operated production of about 625,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day. We produce oil and gas in Denmark, the United Kingdom, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Brazil and Algeria. Exploration activities are ongoing in Angola, Norway, the US Gulf of Mexico, Greenland and in the producing countries. Turning marginal and challenging fields into commercial successes has been the cornerstone of Maersk Oil’s business since 1962. Maersk Oil focuses on pioneering technologies and harnessing talent to continue to operate safely and successfully, creating value for partners and host governments. Maersk Oil and its subsidiary companies are part of the Danish A.P. Moller – Maersk Group.

Products and services

In 2008, Maersk Oil was awarded 20% interest in PL501 licence operated by Lundin. Drilling in 2010 lead to the Avaldsnes oil discovery, which combined with the neighbouring Aldous, makes up the giant Johan Sverdrup discovery. In 2010, Maersk Oil acquired 20% interest in PL435. Later that year operator RWE-Dea made the Zidane gas discovery. Early 2012, a second discovery was made. In 2012, Maersk Oil drilled its first operated well on the T-Rex prospect in licence PL431. The well found non-commercial amounts of hydrocarbons. A second operated well is planned on the Albert prospect in licence PL513 for late 2012. Maersk Oil holds interest in 19 licences acquired through licencing rounds and farm-in activities, with total acreage of 4,940 km2. Seven licences were awarded in the 2011 APA licencing round. Nine licences are located in the North Sea and ten in the Haltenbanken region of the Norwegian Sea. A pre-unitisation agreement for the planning of the development of Johan Sverdrup was signed in 2012 with Statoil as the Working Operator. First oil is envisaged in 2018. With presence in the three sectors of the North Sea - Norway, the United Kingdom and Denmark, Maersk Oil is uniquely positioned to take advantage of its cross-border knowledge and experience. As the only non-operating partner with experience from mega development projects, Maersk Oil is in a strong position to contribute to the development of the Johan Sverdrup field. Maersk Oil entered Norway in 2004. By early 2012 the organisation counted 60 employees in the Stavanger office. In 2005, Maersk Oil acquired a 60% interest and operatorship of the border straddling the Flyndre discovery as part of the Kerr-McGee United Kingdom acquisition. First oil is expected in 2014.

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