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Lubbers Logistics


Address: Klaverakker 1 7761 RA Schoonebeek The Netherlands

Tel: +31 524 537777

Web: http://www.lubbers.net/

Company description

Lubbers Logistics is a modern company with a rich past. Having started up as a regional road transportation company in 1929, we have evolved to become an internationally oriented logistics enterprise. Lubbers Transport is the most well-known division within our company. It is a modern firm that has grown in step with the severe demands that the transport market makes on speed, flexibility and quality care. Close co-operation with foreign colleagues also guarantees efficient transport within Europe and to more distant destinations. In addition, with Lubbers Warehousing, we have our own indoor and outdoor storage facilities and a customs bonded warehouse. Lubbers Crane Company is another rapidly developing division. It implements hoisting work for industrial and construction sectors. And, last but not least, there is Logistic Projects Intercontinental, a division that fully directs its efforts towards transport in which the starting or finishing point lies outside Europe.

Products and services

Logistic Solutions

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