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Liquefied Natural Gas Limited


Address: Ground Floor 5 Ord Street, West Perth PERTH WA 6005 PO Box 920 WEST PERTH WA 6872,Australia

Tel: + 61 8 9366 3700

Web: http://www.lnglimited.com.au/IRM/content/Home.html

Company description

Liquefied Natural Gas Limited (the "Company") is an Australian public listed company, having had its shares admitted for official quotation on the Australian Stock Exchange on 14 September 2004. Liquefied Natural Gas Limited is parent company to a number of subsidiaries (the "Group"). The Company brings a new concept of mid-scale liquefied natural gas ("LNG") projects to the international energy market in providing an "Energy Link" between smaller proven gas reserves than required for traditional large scale LNG projects, and existing LNG buyers and new niche energy markets seeking LNG as an alternative fuel.

Products and services

Our objective is to create wealth for our shareholders by combining innovation, enterprise and leading edge technology. We aim to become the leader in the mid-scale LNG sector of the international energy market by identifying and then supplying "fast-track" energy solutions to both gas suppliers and energy users who would otherwise not have access to natural gas or have a mismatch of LNG supply and demand due to the long lead time to develop major LNG projects.

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