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Address: Jl,Ciledug Raya Kav.109,Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan 12230,Indonesia

Tel: +62 21 7228614

Web: www.lemigas.esdm.go.id

Company description

Lemigas is the government research & technology institution operating in the area of upstream and downstream oil and gas business. Lemigas has key roles in the development of oil & gas industry through researches, engineering and development activities. This institution was founded in June 1965 as the proof of concern and willingness of Indonesian people to be able to manage the natural resources effectively for the sake of the people’s welfare. Lemigas conduct applied research to develop the oil; gas and geothermal technology these research activities show the deep responsibility of LEMIGAS to contribute ideas and thoughts to the government, so that the government is able formulate policies. The other mission of LEMIGAS is to give assistance in solving problems occurred in oil and gas industry. Lemigas strong commitment to carry out its missions is shown by the invaluable programmers for the country to manage the energy resources effectively, that is the research and development of coal bed Methane (CBM) to obtain new energy for the people; Biodiesel plant for alternative fuel; and Lube Oil Blending Plant. LEMIGAS manages Gas Demonstration System as well which is useful for simulating gas transportation system from its sources to the end user. The capabilities of Lemigas in conducting research and development of upstream and downstream oil and gas business have been invaluable, unique and strong potential to be used by any parties in the area of oil and gas business.

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