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Latent Petroleum Pty Ltd


Address: Ground Floor, 1292 Hay Street West Perth WA 6005,Australia

Tel: 08 6313 5790

Web: http://www.latentpet.com/

Company description

Latent Petroleum Pty Ltd, is an Australian-owned, unlisted company formed to develop the Warro Gas Field in the Perth Basin and provide much-needed gas to Western Australia.

Products and services

Latent Petroleum owns Exploration Permits, EP321 and EP407 which together cover the Warro Gas Field. The Gas Field has an area of approximately 7,000 hectares and is located 60 kilometres east of the coastal town of Jurien. Latent is currently obtaining the necessary approvals to undertake further evaluation work of the Gas Field which will establish the best approach to maximize gas production from the reservoir rocks,about 4000m below the surface. Once this work confirms the appropriate development approach, Latent will seek a Production Licence for the Warro Gasfield project. Once producing, gas will be transported via a 35 kilometre pipeline to join the existing domestic gas pipeline network, adjacent to the Brand Highway. Latent is committed to consulting and communicating with the relevant authorities and local stakeholders to ensure that any concerns with the project are taken into account , and that the Project’s proposed construction and operational activities are fully known and understood by all interested parties. Drilling at the Warro Gas project commenced in 2009 with the drilling of Warro-03, a 3D seismic survey will follow in mid 2010. Latent plans to construct the pipeline and begin production by 2010/2011.

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