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Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technology


Kongsberg_logoActivities in Brasil:

A drilling monitoring project signed with Petrobras in 2013, which involves monitoring up to 78 offshore rigs where 24 are planned to be using our systems by the end of the first year of the contract. The project involves providing people for supporting a 24×7 operation onsite where our analysts will be looking at data transmission and data quality issues and working on a 12 hours shift, 7 days a week. We will initially have a team of 5 people dedicated to the project and as the rig number increases and reaches the target for the 24 rigs in one year, we will have up to 16 people dedicated to the project. We will be collecting surface and down hole data from the service companies and from the rig owners. Everything is going to be collected at the rig through our main acquisition software (Sensor Converter and Synchronizer) and the data will be aggregated at Sitecom Rig, which is our core system where data is stored after being converted to the WITSML standard. From there, the data will be replicated to the onshore Sitecom servers located inside Petrobras datacenter. All drilling engineers, geologists and geophysicists from the different Petrobras divisions will have access to see the data in real time using Discovery Web, which is our visualization application. Our system will be the main data provider for all Petrobras partners and any service companies that need access for critical activities such as drilling optimization, pore pressure monitoring, and reservoir navigation.

Kongsberg Oil and Gas do Brasil has also an ongoing OSS (Operational Simulation System) project with Petrobras. The scope is support the plant operations and planning operations for Mexilhão Platform and Gas Pipeline Network which has been built to collect associated gas from more than 30 FPSO facilities in the Santos Basin, most of them located in the Pre-Salt area. The system consists in a dynamic simulation running alongside a process synchronized with the plant. The calibrated dynamic simulator keeps tracking the process by an automatic and routine manual calibration, which allows the user to run predictive and retrospective simulations in order to evaluate effect of operator actions, analyze good or bad previous operations and learn lessons from operations. The system contains smart agents to provide information not available at the plant such as Virtual Metering, Slug Tracking, Holdup Monitoring, Pigging Tracking, Hydrate Prediction, Inhibitor Management, Equipment Monitoring, Leak Detection, Automatic Calibration, Inhibitor Management and Corrosion Monitoring. It´s important to mention that Kongsberg delivers it in a single model.

Engineering services related to analysis of umbilicals and cables assisting suppliers mainly providing products for Petrobras projects. Through a 4 year working frame agreement signed last year the company is providing Riser Integrity Management Services for Statoil on the Peregrino field. It involves offshore inspection and testing including annulus testing, gas sampling and visual inspection. The work also covers assessment of integrity of the flexible risers including collection and evaluation of data.


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