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Knud E. Hansen


Address: Lundegaarden, Claessensvej 1, DK-3000 Helsingør, Denmark

Tel: +45 3283 1391

Web: http://www.knudehansen.com/

Company description

We are an independent consultancy in the marine industry, regarded as a leading provider of innovative and customised solutions in key areas such as newbuilding, conversion, transport and logistical studies, marine and offshore installation & structures and land based interfaces. Our main office is based in Helsingør, Denmark. In addition we have local subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Australia, Greece, the United States of America and have representations in the Faroe Islands and in Odense, Denmark. We combine an innovative approach with the experience gained over the last seven decades from working with numerous clients and vessel types. This has enabled us to tailor and optimise a product to your specific requirements. Our focus is our clients: • We bring added value to our customers projects • We build long term relationships • We provide competence and quality • We guarantee on-time deliveries Globally Sourced Staffs Our staff is sourced globally to attain the best experience and qualifications for the job. This has resulted in an international work environment, highly appreciative of different working cultures, key to successful participation in the global shipping and marine industry. Our Staff include: • Naval Architects • Marine Engineers • Mechanical Engineers • Industrial Designers • Technical Assistants • El & Automation Engineers. The profile of the team is well balanced between senior staff with substantial experience and younger staff who are typically at the cutting age of computer technology and materials development. The majority of our team members have more than one qualification or area of expertise. This is why we also employ; master mariners, chief engineers, captains, shipbuilders, professional boat builders, navigators and surveyors and professional yachtsmen. Our project oriented and flat organisational structure is highly adaptable to the requirements of individual clients and projects. We have a well-established network of partner companies through which we can muster additional resources and skills, as required.

Products and services

Key Services We provide consultancy and technical support throughout the design, building/construction and lifecycle phases of a vessel. Our capabilities include all the disciplines of naval architecture and marine engineering: • General naval architecture • Marine engineering • Offshore engineering • Project management • Stability and safety engineering • Marine transportation studies • Strategic consultancy • Advanced engineering Design Our expertise encompasses the whole range of design activities: • Creative and innovative Concept Design • Optimized Basic Design based on regulatory and client requirements • Integration and coordination of Detail Design New Buildings/Construction Prior to the signing of a contract we offer independent support and advice to owners and shipyards in key areas such as: • Shipyard assessment • Design, specification and contract review • Planning and cost evaluation • Contract negotiations • Supplier evaluation and selection • Purchasing and procurement support Once a contract has been signed, we have experience and resources to provide on-going support throughout the construction and delivery phase including: • Plan approval • Project and contract management • Site supervision and inspection as owners representative • Site supervision and technical support on behalf of the shipyard • Sea trials and delivery We have previously arranged site teams in China, Finland, France, Germany, Poland, Greece, Italy, Indonesia, Japan, Norway, Singapore, United States of America, Australia and also in Denmark. Throughout the life span of a vessel it may become necessary to review its technical, operational or commercial performance. We have substantial experience with: • Feasibility studies • Upgrades • Energy Optimization • Modifications • Conversions • Life extension • Application and implementation of new rules and regulations

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