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JTC Corporation


Address: The JTC Summit, 8 Jurong Town Hall Road, Singapore 609434

Tel: +65 6560 0056

Web: http://www.jtc.gov.sg/Pages/default.aspx

Company description

JTC Corporation (JTC) is Singapore’s leading industrial infrastructure specialist spearheading the planning, promotion and development of a dynamic industrial landscape. For more than 40 years, JTC has played a key role in the growth of the economy by providing cutting-edge industrial real estate solutions. Some of its landmark projects include wafer fabrication parks, business parks, Biopolis and Fusionopolis at one-north, a chemicals hub on Jurong Island, biomedical parks as well as logistics hubs for various industries. These industrial and business parks are now home to renowned global companies and promising local enterprises. Today, JTC continues to break new ground with pioneering projects that anticipate and address the future needs of industry. The Jurong Rock Caverns look to subterranean depths to optimise land use; Seletar Aerospace Park and TUnited Kingdomang Innovation Park support the growth of new industry clusters in aerospace and innovation activities; CleanTech Park, Singapore's first eco-business park, offers unique clean technology features and also serves as a 'living lab' for the test-bedding and development of green technologies and sustainable urban solutions; and the Jurong Island Version 2.0 initiative plans to cut carbon emissions and enhance competitiveness of the chemicals hub. As Singapore transforms itself for the future, JTC will partner with its customers to understand their evolving needs and develop appropriate 'future-ready' infrastructure solutions. The Corporation will continue to expand its innovation capacity and offer infrastructure facilities of a calibre that sets the city state apart as an investment location. JTC will hence position itself as an industrial infrastructure innovator that creates value for its customers by developing the optimal infrastructure solutions that they aspire. This will help differentiate Singapore and propel it to the next level of growth.

Products and services

From prepared land to ready-built facilities, JTC offers a full spectrum of industrial facilities to meet the evolving needs of businesses. Keeping in step with the rapid changes in the global economy, we constantly refine our product concepts and develop innovative products in response to industry feedback. The results of these constant efforts to upgrade and innovate are clearly demonstrated in new-generation products like ramped-up factories, technopreneur centres, incubators for start-up companies, business parks and a 200-hectare hub for research & development and entrepreneurial activities in one-north at Buona Vista. In addition, we have developed specialised parks for specific industry clusters, such as the Jurong Island chemicals hub, wafer fabrication parks, advanced display park, two biomedical parks, logistics hubs for aerospace, chemical, general warehousing industries and even dedicated food factories. More recently, we have also embarked on new projects like the Jurong Rock Cavern for underground oil storage; the Seletar Aerospace Park for aerospace manufacturing and MRO activities; and CleanTech Park to support R&D and test bedding of clean technologies and sustainable urban solutions. Bearing in mind the scarcity of land in Singapore, our facilities set the standard in optimising land productivity and United States of Americage. All our industrial facilities are fully serviced with quality finishes, innovative designs, functional layouts and easy accessibility.

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